Tyre Orders

The Mackay Kart Club supplies and sells Dunlop tyres used in most of the classes. The costs are:

  • $155 per set for Dunlop DF2  – Suitable for Yamaha J Light & Heavy
  • $200 per set for Cadet Dunlop DFH – Suitable for Cadet Yamaha J / Comer, Cadet9, Cadet12
  • $220 per set for Junior / Senior Dunlop DFH – Suitable for Junior Performance, Sportsman, Senior Yamaha KT100S, Junior Yamaha KT100J & Open Performance
  • $255 per set for Senior Dunlop DFM – Suitable for Sportsman, Open Performance

Order by sending payment to the club by EFT using the bank details below:

Account Name: Mackay and District Kart Club
Bank: CBA
BSB: 064707
Account#: 10614038
Reference: Your Surname followed by the model of the tyre. Eg: BRASHER DF2.

If you require multiple sets, please make one payment per set of tyres to keep our records simple.

Once payment is made email bevan@torqueqld.com.au the payment receipt or note of your payment and required tyre model(s). Bevan will add your details to the tyre register and they’ll be available for collection on race day. If you need them earlier email Bevan and he will arrange an early collection for you.

If you need the tyres fitted just ask Mark Muscat for help. He loves fitting them and some say he fits DFH tyres just for fun! 🙂